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about Kernkraft 400:
"Kernkraft 400", German for "Atomic Energy 400" is considered one of the most famous songs of electronic dance music. Soon after the first independent release in 1999, the song became an an underground hit in European clubs, and was licensed to various countries including a more commercial remix version by Italian remix-producer DJ Gius.

The song, specifically the "Sport Chant Remix", is popular at North American sporting events. It is used by numerous arenas as a celebratory or motivational theme and is widely played at sporting events.

Initially, there was some confusion about the title of this track by those who believe the band to be named "Kernkraft 400" and the song to be "Zombie Nation". This might be due to a combination of factors, including that the songĀ“s only lyrics are "zombie nation" ...... (read the full article on Wikipedia)

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Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 by zombie nation


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